Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of payment options do babybee.com.my offer ?

babybee.com.my offers a variety of payment options as below:


1. Online credit card payment via ipay88 (Visa or Mastercard). Please note that the name Mobile88.com will appear in your credit card statement and you will receive a notification email from Mobile88. The payment is processed by Mobile88.com Sdn Bhd on behalf of babybee.com.my.


2 (a) Offline bank-in (cash or cheque) and Hong Leong Bank Berhad (Online Banking) 3rd Party Transfer payable to Baby Bee Sdn Bhd, please find our bank account information below:

Bank: Hong Leong Bank (HLB)
Account No: 14400050515
Account Name: Baby Bee Sdn Bhd

Note: babybee.com.my is wholly owned by Baby Bee Sdn Bhd

After bank-in, please email us at sales@babybee.com.my with the following details:

1. Order reference no.
2. Your name and contact no.
3. Payment amount and indicate if cash or cheque.
4. Date and time of bank in
5. Cheque number if payment by cheque
6. Payment Method: HLB

Please note that we will only process the order after the cheque is cleared or cash is deposited.

2 (b) Maybank (Online Banking) 3rd Party Transfer

You may bank online to our designated director account in Maybank2u. Your orders will be processed after payment is received.

Account No: 1623 4832 3803
Account Name: Ching Moi Hua

Please email us after you have completed the transfer with the following information:

1. Order reference no.
2. Your name and contact no.
3. Payment amount
4. Payment method: Maybank2u


Q: When I click on the button "Credit Card Payment with ipay88", nothing happens after that. Why ?

Please examine the settings of your internet browser if pop-up blocker is turned on. We need the pop-blocker to be turned off.

For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools->Pop-Up Blocker->Turn-Off Pop-Up Blocker.




Q: I cannot remove and add items into my shopping cart. Why and how to resolve this ?

It should be a memory problem at Internet Explorer. Please do the following:

1. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Delete Cookies
2. Press YES
3. Close your Internet Explorer and reopen it, the problem should be resolved.

If problem still persists, kindly contact us at sales@babybee.com.my for technical assistance.


Q: I have signed up to babybee.com.my but cannot login with my password. Why ?

One of the possible problem is that your account is not verified. A email with verification link had been sent to your registered email address for verification, please click on the verification link to activate your account.

Alternatively, kindly contact us at sales@babybee.com.my for technical assistance.


Q: I cannot proceed on the checkout process at the shipping stage. Why ?

The delivery address stated is either International or East Malaysia delivery address. Our system currently don't automatically calculate shipping charges for East Malaysia and International deliveries.

Kindly contact us at sales@babybee.com.my for product invoice calculated with shipping charges.


Q: I came across the name ipay88 in babybee.com.my, what is ipay88 ?

babybee.com.my accepts online credit card payment using ipay88 (accredited by Bank Negara Malaysia) and it is a secure online system that offers our customers safe transaction over the internet. ipay88 also uses 3D secure where extra authentication from the bank is required.


Q: Why do I have Mobile88.com in my credit card transaction records rather than babybee.com.my ?

Do not worry because our payment gateway partner, ipay88 (owned by Mobile88.com Sdn Bhd) collects payment on behalf of babybee.com.my.


Q: How secure is shopping with babybee.com.my ?

When sensitive credit card details are passed through our website, the information will be automatically be encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level encryption commercially available). We accept online credit card payments using ipay88 (accredited by Bank Negara Malaysia) and it is a secure online system that offers our customers safe transaction over the internet. ipay88 also uses 3D secure where extra authentication from the bank is required. Please note that babybee.com.my does not store any credit card information during an online credit card payment. 


Q: Does babybee.com.my offer gift wrapping services ?

No. babybee.com.my do not offer gift wrapping services to our customers at this moment until further notice.


Q: I have a user account with babybee.com.my but forgot my password, what should I do ?

It is easy, go to My Account page and click on the Forgot password link. You will be prompted with a window and please enter your email address (it must be the same email address you registered with babybee.com.my). The password will be sent automatically to the registered email address.

Q: I have a user account with babybee.com.my, how do I change my address ?

Go to My Account page, login and you can modify your address details there.


Q: Can I buy from babybee.com.my without creating an account ?

Unfortunately NO. However once you have created an account with us, it will be easier for you to shop with us next time. Just use your login (your email address) and password next time you shop with us. All your personal and address information will be automatically retrieved from your account.


Q: How do I know babybee.com.my latest news and promotions ?

Just subscribe to our newsletter, which we published monthly.


Q: How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list ?

You can unsubscribe by clicking here


Email us at sales@babybee.com.my with the message title Unsubscribe and we will remove your email from the mailing list.

Q: I have received a few emails from babybee.com.my. What are Orders Received, Orders Processed and Payment Receipt?

Order Received: This email informs you that babybee.com.my has received your orders and will process it as soon as possible.

Order Processed: This email confirms babybee.com.my has processed your order. Next, we will deliver/ship the product to you.

Payment Receipt: This email acts as the official receipt for the order. In the email, you will find the consignment number for tracking purposes.

Q: What is shipping weight ?

Shipping weight is the weight of the product and approximate weight of packaging material added together.


Q: Can I return an item after it is delivered to me ?

Yes, you can. However, there are terms and conditions for this. Please refer to the Help section for more information on this.


Q: How long does it take for my orders to reach me ?

We try our best to ship/deliver the product as soon as possible to you. Below are our estimated order delivery time:

For products labelled Stock: Available, we usually deliver in next 1 - 2 business days.

For products labelled Stock: Pre-order, we usually deliver in next  21 - 30 business days. The delivery time may differ due to stock availablilty.


Q: What are the delivery charges when I buy from babybee.com.my ?

Please go to this link where you will find information on the delivery charges.

Q: How can I get free delivery when I buy from babybee.com.my ?

If your orders are RM100 and above we will extend free delivery service to you. This offer is applicable only to single order of value amounting to RM100 and above.

Note: This offer is only applicable to delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.


Q: I live in East Malaysia, will babybee.com.my deliver to my home ?

Yes but kindly contact us at sales@babybee.com.my for a product invoice calculated with shipping cost.


Q: Does babybee.com.my deliver items to international addresses?

Yes but kindly contact us at sales@babybee.com.my for a product invoice calculated with shipping cost.


Q: How can I contact babybee.com.my ?

Kindly email us at sales@babybee.com.my for any enquiries or use our Contact Us page. We will reply within 2 business days.


Q: Does babybee.com.my has a showroom/retail outlet that I can visit ? If yes, where is it located ?

Yes, we have retail outlets showcasing our products and you could purchase directly from the retail outlets. Please click here to view our location maps and opening hours – Shop Locations.

Q: Can I buy from the showroom/retail outlet and save on the delivery charges?

Yes, you could purchase directly from the showroom/retail outlet and opt for self collection. Please click here to view our location map and opening hours – Shop Locations.


Q: What is MYR?

MYR stands for Malaysian Ringgit and also known as RM - Ringgit Malaysia.


Q: How do I prevent emails from sales@babybee.com.my  ending up in my Spam/Junk Mail folder ?

It is easy, just add sales@babybee.com.my into your address book and your mail server should recognize all emails from sales@babybee.com.my as non-spam mails.


Q: I can't find a particular product/item I want from babybee.com.my, what can I do ?

Kindly contact us at sales@babybee.com.my or call us at 016-3755547 for further enquiries. We will try our best to assist you or recommend you an alternative.

Still can't find the answer to your question, try our Help page or email us atsales@babybee.com.my