Disney Training Pant 训练裤 - 3pcs

Disney Training Pant 训练裤 - 3pcs

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Size / Waist / Waist to crotch
80 / 90 - 18cm / 21cm
95 -  20cm / 22cm
100 - 22cm / 23cm

关于学习裤介绍:学 习裤裆部有防水层,可洗学习裤要比纸尿裤透气,质地柔软,更加适合宝宝的屁屁,可反复清洗使用,经济实用,让宝宝更加舒适!远比纸尿裤环保方便,省钱!是 用来训练宝宝尿尿的,给开始有尿尿意识的宝宝准备的,让宝宝有湿的感觉,慢慢脱离纸尿裤,也被叫做训练裤。国外的妈妈用来代替纸尿裤,现在,越来越多的中 国妈妈也爱上了他,一般准备3-6条换洗!最重要的是:可避免形成外八字脚,防止尿布疹哦!

Training pants are just like diaper pants or pull up pants.
However, they are non-absorbent and does not keep your child dry. Training pants are simply a thicker form of underpants. But it serves its purpose of letting your child know and feel that they have wet or soiled their pants. And it is not comfortable.
In no time, they will let you know of the need to go to the toilet beforehand, instead of dirtying their pants.


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